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For Virginia : :

Tribute to Virginia - Courtesy of Roy Pope A father contacted me with the need to tell his story.

 David had an urgent needed to keep the memorial and his memory of Virginia alive.

Photo courtesy of roypopephotography.com

See David was ill and had a few months left to live. He reached out because he did not want the memory of his daughter to fade with his passing.

"I know that this memorial means nothing to anyone but I, and I will soon vanish from existence. I want her to know that she will NEVER be forgotten!"
He was passing down the story of his struggle, his heartache but most of all, his love as a way to preserve his memory of Virginia. All he wanted was someone to hear his story and to keep the folklore alive.

A loving, heartbroken father keeping who Virginia was for him - from ever fading.


Dori & Friends : :

five teens lost their lives
On a February day 1996, five teens lost their lives in a horrendous car crash.

The 19yr old driver lost control at 90mph; crossed the median; crashed into an oncoming vehicle and changed the lives of these families forever!

Spouse Day for Laura : :

five teens lost their livesOn December 13th, 2002 Laura Maness left behind five children and a loving husband who was not going to let her death go unnoticed.

Lawrence pursued a permanent way to commemorate the loss of his wife. On May 8th 2004, he got Florida Senate Resolution SR1138 designate as official "Spouse's Day."


Only thru compassion & respect for each human, will I be able to touch their heart...

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